The scandal behind World Vision

World Vision is an internationally known nonprofit. This particular organization aides in transforming communities through child sponsorship. 

In June 2009, World Vision was caught in the middle of a fraud case in Liberia. Three former employees were accused of stealing food and materials intended for helping people recovering from the civil war, and then sold the products for profits in local markets. 

Not only did corruption occur in foreign countries, but dishonesty is prevalent here in America. A commentor on a Wolrd Vision Storycommenter adds, “I used to work for World Vision…in fundraising actually I got to personally keep 75% of everything I collected from my donors as my ‘salary,’ It is interesting why people fundraising for people in need get to keep such a large percentage of the donation. 

Another interesting aspect of this nonprofit is to see how much the CEO makes a year. According to Charity Navigator, the CEO of World Vision makes nearly $380,000 a year. This is quite a large amount of money for someone who is devoted to serving others with their life. 

Although not all aspects of World Vision are corrupt, it is crucial tor recognize that not all aspects of World Vision are truthful. Before you write that next check for your sponsor child, check up with World Vision. Make sure that the child is getting the money and education they deserves.

So what about you? Have you heard of World Vision or their scandals before? Have you ever sponsored a child with them?


6 thoughts on “The scandal behind World Vision

  1. I don’t think this article is about World Vision, but the corrupt ness of the human heart. People steal, not organizations and those who do something instead of just criticizing, will always be taken advantage of. At least they are out there doing good in the world.

  2. I sponsor a child in Africa and have asked on several occasions for evidence of what is specially being used for my child. Reasons given have not been acceptable. I have asked for pictures of him receiving the items I have sent, to no avail.

  3. Actually I clicked on the link for charity navigator that you provide here in this article above and it showed the President of World Vision’s salary to be $405,975 in 2012. I know they are doing good but I would like to see a gesture on the part of the President, that he would go without a salary for just one year. He is earning about ten times what the average American is earning so he could go without income for ten years and be equal to them. What if he chose to go without income for just one year. That would be a nice gesture. Not saying they are not doing good and helping kids.

  4. Kevin, yes human hearts can become corrupt, but it is PEOPLE who make up organizations. I always go to Charity Navigator to find out how much of donations received goes to “administration” & will not donate to an organization like World Vision whose CEO is making more than a quarter of a million a year. Think about it. WHY would/should someone who heads an organization make that
    kind of money, especially since he/she has a huge staff that does the vast majority of the work.

    Bethany, while it is certainly possible that it is not World Vision who has taken your donation(s) without demonstrating that your “child” has received your gifts, but in my book they are still responsible for not being on top donations received and & for the lack of response to people who donate when they have promised photos,etc. of the child receiving those gifts. Most likely they do not give the gifts sent to the child to whom it is intended, but just distribute them randomly. Regardless of who is responsible, i am sorry that you are one of the compassionate people who has, perhaps, gotten snookered.

  5. I sponsor a child in El Salvador, a little girl whom I’ve been told is named Fatima. I have been sending gifts each month. I was told she is nine years old, has no brothers or sisters, and wants to become a doctor. I have received two letters from her, both in the same handwriting, with the second letter saying that her older brother, Eduardo, wrote the letter. A colored drawing was included in each letter. Fatima is not nine years old, and several times in the statements from World Vision to me, they always state that she has no brothers nor sisters. I have spent many hours, searching for the best little girl gifts for Fatima that would fit within the specified shipping envelope. My heart has been captured by her little face, her story of poverty, the needs of her village. I decided to write to World Vision and asked if Fatima wrote the short letters to me, if she herself drew the pictures of mountains and sky, and why was someone named Eduardo writing her letters as her brother when it was stated many times that she had no siblings. After several days, I received an e-mail from them telling me that it would take several months for them to check into what I asked of them. To anyone reading this….it is not about the money or gifts that I have these questions. I am a 100% disabled vet with p.t.s.d. and brain injuries. It is more important to me, perhaps,than it might be to others, that I am truly corresponding with a needy little girl named Fatima, and that it is really she who has responded. I will not cease sending money as I believe that something gets to people in need. Has anyone out there discovered that these children are really receiving our letters and gifts, above the money I have taken from my account each month? My thanks, Karl

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