Get involved in a Nashville non profit: The Well Coffeehouse

ImageOne of my favorite local non profit organizations is the Well Coffeehouse, located on Richard Jones Road, about a mile from Lipscomb University. I discovered this place last semester and I immediately fell in love! The Well uses all fair-trade coffee, and even the furnishings are fair trade (which basically means not made by slaves). I interviewed the owner of the place, Rob Touchstone, last semester for a school project. I ended up coming back and back because of the atmosphere, awesome music, delicious coffee and the wonderful cause behind the coffeehouse. 


Rob told me that he wanted to create a place where people can help others and talk to them about Jesus without the atmosphere feeling constricted or forced. The Well makes coffee, pays itsemployees and then gives all of their money to another local non profit called Blood:Water Mission

Blood:Water Mission exists to end the water and A.I.D.S. crisis in Africa. This organization was actually founded by Jars of Clay, a famous Christian band. 

So next time you’re looking for a great cup of coffee (I suggest the Mayan Mocha) and want to talk about Jesus AND help others at the same time, check out the Well Coffeehouse! Image

Have you ever been to the Well? Have you ever heard of the Well? What are some other creative ways to bring Church into a more relatable way?


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