The numerous children involved in the Syrian conflict

The Syrian War is getting significantly more deadly with the death toll of March at 6,005 men, women and children. According to CNN, the number of those who are killed will only continue to rise. The 6,005 of people killed in March does not include those in detention centers or those who have been kidnapped by rebels. The total number of deaths has been more than 70,000.

CNN states, “March’s documented death toll, the observatory says, includes 298 children, 291 women,1,486 rebel fighters and 1,464 government soldiers.” The war has been raging since March 2011, and many believe it is time to stop.

A small non profit organization called War Child located in UK is determined to help the suffering children. War Child has “… established six ‘Safe Spaces’ in schools in northern Lebanon and we’re supporting almost 300 children. Our trained counsellors will use art and music therapy as a means of helping the young children express their emotions in a healthy way.”

They want to “help 400 children enroll into schools in Lebanon so they don’t miss out on their education. We’ll be providing catch-up lessons to help them follow the local curriculum.

If and when it is safe enough for the children and their families to return to Syria, our projects will follow them back home and help them reintegrate back into their schools and communities.”

War Child is one of the few charities out there motivated to help the children in Syria and all the children who are hurting in the world. Get Involved with War Child and help save a child today! 

Have you heard of the Syrian Conflict? Did you know that the death toll was so high? What are some practical ways we can help as Americans? 


2 thoughts on “The numerous children involved in the Syrian conflict

  1. I usually don’t read or watch the news, so I hadn’t heard about this conflict until now. It is really heartbreaking to know that these kinds of things are happening.

  2. I think this organization, War Child, is doing a great thing for the innocent children effected by this tragedy. I only hope the conflict can end soon in order to prevent innocent children’s lives from being changed forever.

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