One of the most effective nonprofits, charity:water

Charity:water believes that water changes everything.

Perhaps one of the most successful and trustworthy charities is charity:water. Charity:water deals with delivering clean water to communities in Africa. 90% of the 300,000 deaths of children under the age of five per week occur because of unsafe and dirty water.

 Charity:water is extremely effective because 100% of public donations go directly to clean water projects. You may ask yourself how can charity:water can operate when all of the public donations are given away.

The founder of this charity was sick of nonprofit organizations taking advantage of the donors and decided to do something different. There is a private board of investors that pay the employees and keep the website updated, which is how the charity affords to give every single cent of their donation away. 

If you want to help charity water, you can give or even buy a product from them. Once again, 100% of the profits go directly towards clean water wells in Africa. 

Have you ever heard of Charity:Water? What do you think about the charity giving away 100% of the donations? 



The scandal behind World Vision

World Vision is an internationally known nonprofit. This particular organization aides in transforming communities through child sponsorship. 

In June 2009, World Vision was caught in the middle of a fraud case in Liberia. Three former employees were accused of stealing food and materials intended for helping people recovering from the civil war, and then sold the products for profits in local markets. 

Not only did corruption occur in foreign countries, but dishonesty is prevalent here in America. A commentor on a Wolrd Vision Storycommenter adds, “I used to work for World Vision…in fundraising actually I got to personally keep 75% of everything I collected from my donors as my ‘salary,’ It is interesting why people fundraising for people in need get to keep such a large percentage of the donation. 

Another interesting aspect of this nonprofit is to see how much the CEO makes a year. According to Charity Navigator, the CEO of World Vision makes nearly $380,000 a year. This is quite a large amount of money for someone who is devoted to serving others with their life. 

Although not all aspects of World Vision are corrupt, it is crucial tor recognize that not all aspects of World Vision are truthful. Before you write that next check for your sponsor child, check up with World Vision. Make sure that the child is getting the money and education they deserves.

So what about you? Have you heard of World Vision or their scandals before? Have you ever sponsored a child with them?